Molli’s Story – Dog Hurt by Enrofloxacin

Molli Dog

I had taken Molli in to get her teeth cleaned for the 1st time about 18 months. Ever since then she had supposedly acquired an auto immune disease to the plaque on only 1 side of her mouth.

She had been prescribed on and off an array of antibiotics for this issue over the 18 month period. A month ago I had taken her into the vet to be examined and he prescribed a 3 week supply of Clindamycin 75mg. After 2 weeks of Molli taking it I didn’t feel that it was doing its job so I called the vet and asked for a stronger antibiotic. He prescribed a 2 week supply of Enrofloxacin 136mg.

After a few days of Molli taking this antibiotic my husband and I noticed her being a little wobbly on her feet and sorta of lethargic but didn’t think too much about it. We just sorta figured it had to do with her age (12). On Friday 9/8/17, closer to dinner time, she seemed like she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have an appetite. I woke up the next morning and made my coffee and went out onto the deck to enjoy mornings nature callings and the peacefulness. When I came back into the house Molli was standing in the entry and it looked as though she was standing on her finger nails and taking these little 1 inch baby steps. She appeared to be in pain. I picked her up and took her outside to go to the bathroom. When we came back into the house I tried to get her to stand up but she couldn’t, it was though she wasn’t strong enough to stand up so I put Molli in her bed.

I called my husband as he was in the Bay Area for work and told him that I thought she was dying. I got down on the floor and was talking to her and petting her but it was if she couldn’t see me. My husband got home right around noon and we discussed taking her to the vet, but both of us really felt as if, it wouldn’t have mattered what the vet could do, she wasn’t going to make it. We truly felt in our hearts that the vet wouldn’t be able to reverse her condition.

Molli was such a great traveler and loved to go for car rides so we took her for a long car ride to Bullards Bar Reservoir. I sat in the back seat with her while she just laid in her bed. She didn’t move one time while we were on the drive. When we got home I took her out of the car and took her over to the area where she goes to the bathroom and she urinated a little bit. I had been feeding her water through an eye dropper and she was receptive to that, so I thought because of this that she had to go to the bathroom. I carried her into the house and helped to try and stand her up on all 4 legs. She seemed very confused as she walked over to one of the bedroom doors that was shut and she just stood there for 5 minutes or so, like she was expecting someone to open it.

Later on that evening we retired about 9pm and made room for her on our bed. We wanted to be next to her just in case she needed us for something. From around 11pm until 3:30 or so she became very restless, as though she couldn’t get comfortable and possibly in pain and then she would vomit. The first time it was yellow like bile and after that it was clear, very stringy, bubbly and foamy.

I decide to call the mobile vet that I had found earlier that day on the internet. She came out at 4:15am and euthanized Molli for us. We couldn’t put her through any more misery. I truly believe that the medicine (enrofloxacin) played a huge part of her demise. I wanted to share my story with you so that maybe my story would spare another animal in the future.

Thank you,