Shadow’s Story – Cat Blinded by Baytril

Shadow - This photo is before he got floxed ,his pupils in his eyes remained completely dilated when he went blind

Shadow – This photo is before he got floxed ,his pupils in his eyes remained completely dilated when he went blind

I have had the unfortunate experience of both myself, & also one of my beautiful cats, having our health devastated by these synthetic neurotoxic chemotherapeutic agents that masquarade as antibiotics. These dangerous drugs come straight from hell, they drag you back there with them & leave you there, sometimes for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, the same as is found with the majority of Drs, many vets are ALSO unaware of the real horrendously toxic profile of of the fluoroquinolone class of antibiotics, although there are some that do know, & those vets who ARE aware, usually know exactly how dangerous they are.
I have had cats all my life, I have kept them now for over 50 years. Having had many years of ill health myself, including a diagnosis of M.E, my cats have always been a godsend to me , & they given me a reason to get up in the morning & keep going. My cat Shadow I had reared from birth as his mum was unable to produce enough milk feed the litter, & I spent hours on end with a tiny dropper doing my best to try to keep this tiny kitten alive, so as I am sure you can probably guess, he was extremely precious to me.

Shadow was 6 years old when he became poorly. I took him to the vet who thought he could have an infection of sorts so gave him a delayed release long acting injection & told me to bring him back in a couple of weeks, I asked if I needed to keep him inside until he became well again as he loved spending most of his time outside chasing butterflies in the garden.
The Vet said no he would be fine & as it was summer & warm, it would be OK for him to continue to go out, So I took him home, & I thought in a few days he would be completely recovered.

Some days later I was woken one morning by him meowing downstairs, very plaintively.
I found him in the kitchen, he looked completely bewildered & he was blundering around he seemed to be having trouble with his eyesight, as he was walking straight into the cupboard doors, I actually thought that maybe he had had a stroke, or even a brain haemorrhage.
I rushed him straight back to the vets , & when I told them what was happening they did some tests, including trying to make him blink by waving something in front of his eyes .

He did not react at all. the vet said he had gone completely blind, but they had no idea why. My Poor shadow unfortunately, never got his sight back.

Shadow, as cats who go blind eventually do, learned to cope well with his disability, But it always puzzled me, as to why he had gone blind, literally overnight.

I eventually found the answer to this question, just a few days after I had found out I too had been poisoned by these antibiotics from hell, I had obtained my medical records & whilst researching the FQs just happened to come across a website that mentioned that the antibiotic BAYTRIL ( Enrofloxacin ) is extremely toxic in respect to a cats eyes. It causes retinal degeneration, as cats lack an enzyme which helps to protect their eyes from the damaging effects of UV rays from the sun etc ( the vet should NEVER have told me to let him outside whilst under treatment ). This then can send cats suddenly totally blind & this unfortunately Is irreversible, It Is permanent. When I looked at Shadows vet records, lo & behold there it was. I was so angry, I was absolutely livid.

Importantly It states in the literature for BAYTRIL, that only cats who receive high doses of this antibiotic run the risk of blindness, this is NOT the case, my Shadow had a normal dose for this weight.

Cats should not be let out at all whilst under treatment with FQs, this increases the risk of them losing their sight substantially.  The Fluoroquinolone antibiotics BAYTRIL & others should not be prescribed for kittens ( goes without saying ), senior cats, or cats with any degree of kidney disease

My own opinion is that they should not be prescribed for cats .. . PERIOD !!!

2 thoughts on “Shadow’s Story – Cat Blinded by Baytril

  1. eileen

    Last week my vet sent this drug from hell home for my cat’s URI. She went is nearly blind now. Today was a visit with s specialist to do a complete eye exam.
    The vet gave me an Rx for 68mg per day for my cat. Who is also hand raised. Twice her body weight. Worse never one word about an antibiotic that could rob her of her sight.

  2. Debs

    I am so sorry to hear about your cat eileen it is beyond criminal.
    The Pharmaceutical industry has known about & hidden the true toxic profile of these atomic bomb antibiotics for almost 30 years now.

    Please make sure you never take a fluoroquinolone antibiotic yourself unless you are dying & their is no other choice, it truly is just not worth the risk. Many people can take several courses before the damage becomes noticeable but the damage begins from the very first dose. To take a FQ is literally playing russian roulette with your life. The FQs are Topoisomerase inhibitors every other drug listed as such is chemo. These drugs are in fact failed chemo drugs masquerading as an antibiotics & Drs & many vets as we have unfortunately learned to our cost do not have a clue just how dangerous they are.


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